Vinales, cuba, classic car, vintage car, fruit, landscape, oil painting
The fruit cabins are a welcome stop for all the rare car drivers on Cuba. This cabin lies on the outskirts of the Vinales village, so famous for its rural lifestyle, tobacco plantations and the Cuban cigars. A typical vintage car pulled in and the driver disappeared into the cabin to fill up his fruit supplies and continue his happy drive.
still life oil painting mandarin daily painting
The last slice of mandarin is laying on the white and soft liner of the husk and pierced by a frontal light. This miniature oil painting on board is realized in a loose and impressionistic manner with a gestural brush work and undtighten edges.

still life oil painting raspberries in a bowl
Raspberries in winter are a mere luxury and a welcome diet change for everyone. This miniature oil painting shows a bawl with the pinky red raspberries and a spoon mirroring the blue pattern from the plate's edges. The brush strokes are loosened and convey a more spontaneous impression.
altenahr germany riesling wine oil painting vineyard landscape
The Red Wine Trail in the Ahr Valley in Germany, near Bonn, opens a gorgeous scenery in autumn. The red, yellow and green vineyards are lavishly hanging on the steep hills of this beautiful German wine region. At every turn the local winemakers are presenting their young wine for tasting. If you stop too frequently, you may easily lose your orientation, but by then it's not very important any more.

"The Wave at the Dusk", oil, board, 50x50cm, 2014
The famous cafe from the movie "Fresa y Chocolate", and now a cinema and cultural center, as seen from the opposite side of the street with its steady traffic of multicolored vintage cars, tropical greens and dilapidated, but elegant ancient buildings.
"The Wave at the Dusk", oil, board, 50x50cm, 2014
A street scene in a shady street of Havana depicting a typical vintage car in Cuba with a young man crossing the street and looking back to a passing by girl. This oil painting is created in a spontaneous and loose manner with blurry edges and a lot of painting knife work.

"The Wave at the Dusk", oil, board, 50x50cm, 2014
Who knows what a beauty is to show herself out the window, if this young Cuban should be heard shouting? He parked his old car right in front of a typical facade of a residential house in Havana with its smeared walls, decorated balconies and high ceilings in their beautiful decay.
still life oil painting watermelon daily painting
This piece of art is kind of a contraposition of hard and cold knife blade slicing the soft and juicy watermelon pulp. The cold and reflective steel inside a deep red and watery fruit.

This is a quite unusual view on the Malecon in Havana, Cuba, being recognizable only for those, who was there. No touristy sight, but an authentic view of the busy esplanade on the Cuban shore. The twilight has dawned upon Havana and the streetlights turn on grasping only blurred parts of the cars scurrying by like ghosts in a high tempo.
"The Wave at the Dusk", oil, board, 50x50cm, 2014
Beautiful places are way better when depicted in some random manner, as experienced by their dwellers in a day-to-day life. This young man is leaning towards the rear of a vintage American car, which are still jamming the streets of Havana, Cuba, since more than 60 years. He is looking for someone to come out the facade of the old residential house with green palms and trees and other parked cars in the backside of the painting. His own car has seen many layers of paint and some green is still...

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