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Born into a family of architects, painting, drawing and modelling were the most natural activity in the world to me. The most influenced, however, I was by the inexhaustible creativity of my mom and grandpa who kept painting into old age. The only formal art training I had was in the youth art school of the city of Krivoy Rog. 


Despite the university degrees in politics and economics followed by a position in foreign trade I could not help coming back to my easel. After several years of office work I embarked on a fascinating backpacker journey round the world described in my German and Russian travel blogs, which still provides me with a continual source of inspiration.


I see the arts as my transmission channel and mouthpiece aiming to address the perception of the observer. Whereas someone takes a pen to put their feelings and thoughts to paper, I use my brushes. Art is emotion driven. It can be hardly rationalized. One can achieve a high technical level in an artwork, but it sometimes does not touch the soul.


Nevertheless, I am firmly opposed to the vogue term “everything is art” as an indulgence for any unskilled smearing. I have the ambition to deliver artworks, in which the technical and artistic performance is easily recognizable. Certainly, I would not meet everyone’s taste and it’s not my intention. I rather want to bring my observers in a special mood, make them think, touch their souls and – even if just for a short moment – to make them forget the daily grind.

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