the joy of painting


I am happy to welcome you on my site and let you explore my art!


Though I prefer telling stories via my paintings, let me introduce myself to you shortly. 


I started my art career just like you did - in my childhood. Every child is an artist. However, unlike the most, I never dropped ever since. Being born into a family of architects I had the privilege to grow in the spirit of creativity and appreciation of beauty and art.


In spite of my professional path leading me through the positions in commerce and international trade, I never gave up on my passion for art making and visual expression of emotions. It is my true vocation and source of joy.


My only formal art education, though, has been the art school for youth in the city of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. Since then I have been improving on my craft as a self taught artist and by travelling the world learning from the modern masters I admire.

Working in the Studio

The major part of the magic happens in the cosy seclusion of my studio, where most of my artwork comes into being. This is the very place to work on big projects and to go through the creative process from an idea up to a final artwork. I prefer to work in oils and acrylics, although I love to experiment and to dive into other mediums like watercolors, charcoal and pastels. In the end the medium does not matter. It is just the means to convey the very aim and sense of every art - evoke emotions!

Pleinair Painting

Beyond my studio I also love going out in the open for pleinair sessions for the spontaneous and immediate contact with the nature. The immersion into the surrounding world and depicting it in a fresh and gestural manner is a pure artistic happiness for me. I like working among strolling people in the cities. There will be always someone to comment on what I am doing and giving precious tips:)


 It is important to let people meet your art. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No art exists without an observer. I very much appreciate the chance I have to speak directly to the souls of my spectators via my artwork and sparking their emotions.

And last, but not least, doing art is just something, what gives me energy and makes me happy personally. What can provide more joy than to create and see an expression of yourself appearing under your hands? Of course, artistic life is full of doubt and emotional torment, but those are the very drivers for growth and higher achievements.